Retirement benefits for today's workforce

  • Create a payroll deducting plan for your company in minutes

  • No investing experience needed

  • Works with W2 and 1099 employees

  • We’re cheaper and easier to manage, no admin fees, or ERISA requirements.

The only retirement platform your employees will ever want to use

Were rethinking retirement savings, and what it really means to “save”. We built this from the ground up for the 83 Million hourly wage workers that don’t have extra money to invest.

  • Employees can connect their debit and credit cards to Kepler Savings, and earn retirement rewards on everyday purchases at 7,000 + stores, nationwide.

  • We take the pressure off of knowing all the crazy investing tactics and terms. We work hard to give you the best returns for your long term goals, we only invest in the best options.

  • You don’t have time to manage all of this stuff, between kids, errands, extra jobs, your time is valuable, your time is not our time. We’ll automatically invest your retirement rewards, and cashback as you earn them.

Employers, we see you.

  • Get your benefits up in running in minutes with confidence. No more guess work or spending money on consultants.

  • With our payroll deduction retirement benefits, you’ll not only be compliant, you’ll be in much better shape. We’ll do all the admin work to keep your plan strong without any issues.

  • You’re not an investment advisor so why are you choosing your companies investing plan? No need for 338 risk insurance, no federal testing, and no reporting to the IRS. We take care of you at Kepler.

How much could you be saving with Kepler Savings?

Imagine being able to save for retirement without any money out-of-pocket. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we made it possible. Use our handy calculator to see just how much you could save.

P.S.: If you do want to contribute your own funds, you can do that too! Easy peasy.

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Total projected retirement savings over 30 years**

These numbers demonstrated on this website can be different from the the exact amount in your brokerage account on any given day or time. All calculations done using tax-deferred growth and traditional IRA calculations, not including inflation, taxes or fees. We do not promise these calculated returns, or promise the after tax returns. We do not offer tax advice, or financial advise, we recommend consulting with a certified RIA before making any financial decisions. When connecting cards, the range in cash back from select merchants can vary. We do not promise exact cash back amounts on every purchase. We partner with third party tech and cash back partners to connect our users debit cards and other credit cards to earn cash back on purchases made. All calculations done using who is not affiliated with Lilly Financial Solutions Inc.

Retire on your schedule

No matter where you are in your professional journey, Kepler helps you reach your retirement goals faster.

Connect your cards. Start saving.

Tap, tap, relax. Your retirement savings are on autopilot now.

Your spending habits never looked better

We visualize your spending data in a whole new way, so you can make better financial decisions.